Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18th

It is difficult to describe our emotions over the past few days. Jack accomplished all that he was sent here to do and returned home. We are heartbroken but have peace and understanding at this time. As the week progressed Jack helped us realize that his mission was complete here on the earth. After doing all that we could physically do, Heavenly Father found a place for him. We are so grateful for all who have been so involved in his life and would like to welcome you to a service held in his honor on Saturday October 20, 2007 at the Wells Ward. (1990 South 500 East Salt Lake City) A viewing will be held at 9:30 a.m. prior to the 11:00 a.m. service.

Baby Jack returned to his Heavenly Father on October 17, 2007 after enduring complications from heart surgery. Although he was only here for a short time, he accomplished all that was required of him. Jack’s little life brought countless people to their knees and has invited change into all of our hearts. The network of family and friends that have surrounded Jack has been a constant amidst the unknown. His parents would like to express their heartfelt appreciation to the many hands that cared for him in the Pediatric ICU at Primary Children’s Hospital. The depth of their touch has left an imprint on our hearts forever. Jack is survived by his parents, Darren and Sarah Nelson. A funeral will be held at 11:00 a.m. Saturday October 20, 2007 at the Wells Ward located on 1990 S. 500 E. in Salt Lake City. A viewing will be held an hour and a half prior to the services. We can’t wait to see you again Jackie B!


Ditto Family said...

I pray that the veil will be thin as you bury sweet Jack on Saturday. Lean on each other for strength and you will have added peace and grow closer together during this trial. Lots of love, Sara Ditto

Andria said...

Sarah, we cried for you at work last night. We love you and admire your strength. Thanks for sharing Jack's time with us on your blog. love, Andria

Steve & Emi Edgley said...

When our first child Eliza experienced her heavenly birth 9 years ago this month, we planted bulbs to symbolize the eternal spring of the resurrection. It was a long winter. When spring appeared and crocus bulbs first began to push through the still-frozen ground our faith in God's eternal plan was renewed. Each year we plant bulbs. Each year the harvest becomes more abundant.

Almost daily we feel the influence of our little girl in our lives. Her life (and death) provide us with perspective that perhaps we could not have obtained in any other way. When Eliza stopped living, I felt like a large part of me died with her. With the perspective of years, I now feel that knowing her greatly enriches my life.

The journey ahead for you will be sweet and bitter. Feel the bitter, but focus on the sweetness. You will be blessed for placing your trust in God and pressing forward on the path that lies ahead. We will continue to pray for you, for your strength, and for your memories of baby Jack to be constant. He still lives. From the hymn "If You Could Hie to Kolob":

There is no end to glory; There is no end to love;
There is no end to being; There is no death above.
There is no end to glory; There is no end to love;
There is no end to being; There is no death above.

The Gatherum Family said...

You don't know me, I linked to your blog from a few different bloggers, but I just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry. I know that the comforting love of our Savior will hold you and keep you going during this difficult time. Cling to it and to each other. Adrian Gatherum

Ryan said...

We have really enjoyed getting to know Jack through your blog and can't wait to meet him someday! He sure is a special boy! We pray that you two will have peace and can make it through this! We love you and you both will be in our prayers! Love, Amy

Carolyn Q said...

Darren and Sarah,

I wanted to share this poem with you because it brought comfort to me when my daughter Hope passed away after valiently batteling CHD's.
You both are in my thoughts and prayers.
Carolyn Quigley
Intermountain Healing Hearts


From the very first time I saw your face,
You claimed in my heart, a special place.
A place filled with love much deeper than an ocean,
It is difficult to use words to describe such an emotion.

From the very beginning you fought your way,
Through this world of hurt, I prayed God to take away.
“Why our child?
Such an innocent, sweet, and loving one?”

Each day we cherished being with you,
A million kisses to us still seemed too few.
Your precious smile upon that angelic face,
From my mind will never be erased.

Much sooner than we ever knew,
God sent a special angel to Earth for you.
He said “Go and bring my boy to Heavens’s Gate,
For a healthy heart, he no longer must wait.”

In an instant you left this Earth,
Free of suffering, pain, and hurt.
And I know you are with God up in Heaven smiling down,
Saying, “Mommy and Daddy - look at my beautiful wings and crown!”

You earned that crown my precious child,
You are at peace with all of God’s little ones.
I ache to feel your little body next to mine,
But I know we will be back together in time.

Always know Mommy and Daddy love you dearly,
We are at peace knowing you are no longer weary.
We’ll lake to you in prayers each nigh,
And see you in Heaven - the star shining the brightest light.

“Why our child?” we now ask,
And we realize that God needed you for a special task.
Other children will be born with broken hearts needing mending,
And you, His angel, to Earth, with a miracle, he will be sending.

(This was written by Michele Warren who lost her son when he was 15 months old due to Heart Defects)

Marianne said...

My heart has been aching with so many others since I heard about Jack. I too have been so grateful and have looked forward to your updates over the last several weeks. I simply echo the words of everyone else...we are thinking about you and praying for you. I have no doubt that the Lord will shower you with His tender mercies. Jack will always be a wonderful miracle in your lives...thank you for sharing him with so many others.
Marianne (Wilde) Carter

Elyse said...

Just wanted to let you now that we are praying for your adorable family at this difficult time. You have been so inspiring, and such great examples to look to during hard times.We love you.
Clint and Elyse Chamberlain

Melissa said...

You are in our prayers. There are no words to help with the heartache you feel. We are here to listen when you are ready.
Melissa Andrew

Ann Staples said...

It will be an honor for us to attend the service on Saturday. We are blessed to have read about Jack's journey. Thank you for sharing your testimony and for sharing Jack with us through your writings and photos. You are shining examples to us in what this life is really about. The Staples Family sends all their love to you.

Jen Gozart said...

Sarah and Darren, you know how much we love you. It is our great honor to be among the few who know sweet Jackie B! You are in our prayers always, and in our hearts forever. Love, Jen and Toby

Erica said...

I am just heartsick for you both. As soon as Mary told me there were problems TJ and I have been reading Jack's blog every day and keeping up on his progress from here in DC. You guys are in our prayers and have been such wonderful examples to us. He is now with Grandma Hinckley and what a wonderful thing to know that you will be with him someday!
Much Love,
TJ and Erica England (Erica Berry)

Joni said...

Like many others you don't know me but I have been following your blog and praying for Jack. We are thinking of you and praying always!

Hugs and love,

Bekah, Brad and Nick said...

Your cousins in Pennsylvania have been praying for you and crying with you today. This is something that no parent should ever have to deal with, and we admire your strength and trust in the Lord. I am so glad that you shared Jack with us through this blog. Now I can picture him with Grandpa Dudley and Grandma Hinckley. We wish we could be there this Saturday. Love,

Bekah and Brad Goldie

JT & Lizzie Davis said...

We love you. Thank you for sharing with us your sweet boy Jack. Our heart aches for and with you. We are thinking and praying for you constantly.
Lizzie & JT

Liz said...

We are friends of Jessica & Matt and have been following Jack's story...
I'm so sorry for your loss. Your perspective is inspiring and you are examples to us. Thank you.
the Baucom's

Nancy said...

Dear Sarah and Darren, As I cry for the Earthly loss of darlin' Jack, my heart is filled with love and admiration for the three of you. The sharing of Jack's life and your joys and sorrows are an inspiration and testimony of the blessings of the Plan of Happiness. Through your words on his blog, Jack's personality and mission was made known to many. Thank you for sharing these precious memories. May our Father in Heaven continue to bless you with all you stand in need of. We are here for you whenever and in whatever capacity you need.
Love, Nancy Dolan

Cocoa said...


We've also been following Jack's journey through the blog since Jonathan told us about it. We send our love, prayers, and condolences. May the Lord send you comfort and healing.

Joseph and Montse Wadsworth

nelsonclan said...

Darren and Sara-
Sarah and I looked forward to coming home from work nightly and getting the wonderful opportunity to read Jacks Blog everynight. I pray that the Nelson Family will be blessed throughout this time and that Heavenly Father may continue to bless your family. We are grateful for being associated with you as our cousins.
We will all be able to see Jack's wonderful spirit again and look forward to the glorious day when it comes. We love you and pray continually for you and your family

Love always,
Spencer and Sarah Nelson

Thrillsons said...

Darren and Sarah- We love you guys and have come to love Jack through reading about his journey, what a fighter. Thank you for your wonderful examples and your amazing perspective and faith through this hardship. We wish we could be there with you for the services and send our love and prayers.

Eric and Chelsey Nielson

Pamela said...

Mi querido amigo,
Se me quiebra el corazon por ustedes esta noche. Y aunque mi pena y lagrimas no son nada comparadas con las vuestras, mis brazos recienten el que no podre abrazarlo y tomar sus manitas. Um bebito ha sido un deseo escondido en mi por mucho tiempo y a traves del vuestro y por el carino que siento por ti, lo llegue a querer como si fuera parte mia tambien.
Que Nuestro Padre Celestial les de el conzuelo y la tranquilidad en el conocimiento y esperanza del Evangelio de Nuestro Senor y Salvador.

Les amo,


amm110404 said...

Sarah and Darrin-
I can't even begin to express how sorry I am for your loss. I admire the strength and courage you both have. We have all been thinking and praying for you guys and Jack. Thank you for letting all of us share a part of his life.
Love, Angelise

hkhl said...

I couldn't stop crying for you yesterday, and I know more tears will follow today. We wish so much that we could be with you on Saturday, but we'll send our love from afar. Thank you so much for sharing Jack's life with us on your blog; we feel like we know him. We'll continue to pray for you. xoxoholly

Michelle said...

Oh, it hurts, it physically hurts to read of sweet Jack's death. We didn't want it to be this way!! I had such a hope of seeing Roger pull up on his tractor a few summers from now proudly balancing a red-haired boy(dressed head to toe in U of U red)and laughing for the sheer joy of it all. But now sweet Jack is in heaven enjoying a happy reunion with loved ones. I imagine he is prepping his siblings for their adventure on earth, "Go easy on mom and dad! They are so wonderful and I was so hard on them. So no colds, no broken arms, nothing, OK?"

Neal Maxwell often said that at the end we would look back on our lives and say, "Ah, it was all exactly the way it was supposed to be!" I take great comfort in that.

Thank you, thank you and bless you for creating this blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful boy and his triumphs and sorrows. Jack has blessed and will continue to bless many people with his short stay on earth.

Sadly, I have seen many friends bury their babies. The ones who open their hearts to the rest of us are able to heal, grow and give away a little piece of the pain to everyone who sorrows with them. We all want to take away some of that pain for you. Thank you for sharing Jack with us.

For now, your arms are aching for a baby you didn't get to hold enough. Even when your arms are filled with other children you will still have a bit of a broken heart just like baby Jack. We pray with you for that bright Millenial day when Jack will be in your arms again and all our hearts will be healed.

christie said...

We love you so much! Jack has touched so many lives. Thank you for your incredible examples. I have felt inspired to do better and love more because of you. We are continually praying for you and all of your wonderful families. Love, The Millers

Heather Hinckley said...

Our hearts are breaking with yours. After losing our first son, I wasn't sure life would ever be the same again, and I was right. Trials like these change you forever as you remember the Plan of Salvation. My testimony of this plan and of the reality of Jesus Christ grew stronger and I am sure you will also experience this. I read a good book that helped me called, "The Birth We Call Death." We are still praying for you. May the days pass quickly for you in your healing. Our hearts go out to you. What a special son Jack must be. Thank you for sharing his life with us. He is a beautiful baby. We love you. - Mike and Heather

WendyO said...

So very sorrowful at Jack's passing. He was an exceptional little guy to have given a lifetime of joy in a few short weeks. Too often, it seems, the best spirits among us are those who are with us for the shortest time in this mortality. Much love, wendyo

Angela said...

You don't know me, but I am Lizzie's sister-in-law. I pray that you will find strength and peace during this difficult time. Thank you for sharing your sweet boy and your testimonies.

Wright Family said...

Sarah & Darren,
Jack was such a little blessing and loved by so many. We will continue to keep you and your family in our prayers during this trying time and are glad you have such a support system, and that you have each other. We are glad for Jack, that he is free of any pain this life brought him, but our hearts are breaking for the both of you. Lean on each other and continue as you have, to focus on the blessings in your lives. You will be on our minds and in our hearts. Bobby & Jen Wright

Jay said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. You're in our prayers.

Jay and Jessie

The Houses said...

What is left to say? I have been so impressed and touched watching your family the past 2 months. It is hard to grasp this outcome, and I can't help feel that it is unfair. I know you guys have great faith, which you have shown already, in the plan of salvation and this has increased my testimony of it also. Thank you for sharing these intimate details of your struggles and growth. It has made quite an impact on me and I am sure many others also. What an amazing spirit you two brought into this world! I can't wait to give you both a great big hug. We love you and you will remain in our prayers.

Deeann said...

I'm so sorry. He must be a very special boy to only need to spend such a short time on Earth. That doesn't take away the heartache though, and I will continue to pray for you and your family. Thanks for sharing Jack with us. May the Spirit of Peace be with you always.

Caroline said...

Sarah and Darren,
My thoughts and prayers have been with you this week. I know that your precious son will never be far. May your deep love for Jack heal your broken hearts as you look forward to your wonderful future together! Love, Carrie (Hinckley) Benzley

Kath said...

Sarah and Darren,
We are so saddened by the loss of your sweet Jack. Thank you for sharing his life with us through your words and pictures. His little heart, though imperfect in this life, has touched so many other hearts. We love you and continue to pray for you!
The Preslars

Dawnetta Platt said...

Dear Sarah and Darren,
Everyone at work is thinking about you both and praying for you, so many hearts are sending thoughts in your direction.
You are loved, thank you for letting us share Jack and the love that you share as a family.
Blessed Be,

Alayna Williamson said...

I, too, am someone you don't know but have been following your blog. Thank you for sharing your story. It has been a testimony builder to me and my family. We are so grateful for the Gospel and the fact that we know we will be with our loved ones again someday.

I know you will see Jack again and get to raise him. I also know that he is at peace now and he is watching you hoping you will be at peace too. "We come into this world crying while everyone else is smiling. We leave this world smiling while everyone else is crying!"

May you feel comforted and know that there are many people praying for you at this tough time.


Alayna Williamson

The Writ Wit said...

Howdy ho Sarah D! Miss Abbs clued me in on your life, your little family and this here little blog. How I wish these were happier times for me to stop in and say hello... it's hard to know what to say, really. But just know that our prayers are with you and I know you will find comfort in the love you have for Mr. Jack, the love he has for you, and the love Heavenly Father has for all.

Take care. *B is for Beth (Borgia)

Summers Camp said...

PS- sorry, the Writ Wit is my husband's username... oh well. I'll be thinking about you today.
Love, Beth

Tom said...

Baby Jack

Your funeral today brought more people together to celebrate your life of 60 days than would show up to mine after 60 years. All members of the 1st presidency of the church were present - what a wonderful celebration Baby Jack. You are a very special boy. You will never be forgotten. You have brought tears of joy and tears of sadness to us all but we are all blessed and will try harder because of your short life on earth shared with us through your parents blog. Your parents are heroes and wonderful examples to us all for their love and resiliency and faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

PS: Baby Jack, if you had anything to do with the Red Sox winning tonight, your grandpa Roger and the rest of the Red Sox Nation are grateful , thank you.

Tom and Jan and Family

libertyjed said...

I just returned from spending the day with your remarkable family. Oh, how you are loved!

The best word I can think of to describe the proceedings of this experience, and of its conclusion today, is "grace." By grace, Jack came into the world. Isn't the creation of life a marvel? While visiting Portland last summer I attended an exhibit at the OMSI, all about the miraculous design of the human body. Normally I am quite squeamish when it comes to seeing anything on the outside that is supposed to be on the inside (I don't know how you do it professionally, Sarah) but I endured it, and came away extremely inspired by God's handiwork.

By grace, Jack was born into a loving family who has the fulness of the gospel. Aren't we lucky to be a part of such a valiant family? I thank God for letting me be a part of you. It is hard to believe, but so much of the hurt that exists in this world is generated within families. I am grateful that we love each other, and allow one another enough space to repent and forgive. Aren't we fortunate to have our individual testimonies of the restored gospel? Aren't we blessed to be bound by covenants that enable us to be together forever? I know Jack was born in and for the covenant.

By grace, Jack departed this world. His work was complete, and God called the physical suffering he endured sufficient for his life's test. He returned home spotless and triumphant, without his pure spirit being tainted by the world.

By grace, we are all redeemed from death through The Savior, our loving Elder Brother, Jesus Christ.

And finally, through it all, the usually wise-cracking Darren and ever spunky Sarah handled everything, their Abrahamic test, with dignity, humility, courage, hope, faith and grace. It truly was incredible, to see your strength in adversity. You make an incredible team. I hope I can be a true "mate" like that someday.

The Wells Ward chapel, like our hearts, was filled to capacity today. The entire First Presidency was seated on the stand. What a tribute to your grand little fellow. I was amazed that as grieving parents you could be so composed in such a setting, but the circumstances could not compromise your convictions. Thank you for your testimonies.

When Kent, Cameron and Sarah played a melody of primary songs, I must admit, I lost it a little bit. In particular, my heart was breaking for Kent, leaning in closer to the music stand, playing the violin so intently for his little grandson. Even now I become teary eyed thinking about it. I suppose the scene reminded me of my own Grandpa Nelson playing the violin for me when I was little. How special that memory is to me...and the thought that Kent wouldn't have that experience with Jack made me melancholy.

In spite of the sad circumstances, it was a remarkable day. Jack is an amazing person. I look forward to becoming reacquainted with him someday. Families are special. Life is fragile. The Gospel is true. Thanks for the reminder, Jack.

Roger said...

Sir Jack-how sweet your celebration of life, the peace of heart and soul you shared. I am for ever grateful for your life. Now with the bright morning sun of this day, you not only taught me to pray for the "will of the Father" to be done, but now in greater faith I can accept the results of His will. During the last nearly nine weeks I joined many seeking a miracle for you, and indeed with a refreshed perspective this morning, your life and eternal spirit is the miracle answered. Further, may I share the words of the apostle John, "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in fatih". We are humbled by your parents example of faith, hope, love and strength -- they walk and live in faith. Within hours of walking away from your final resting site, they freely gave their love and hope to Luke's parents. And while you, Luke, Milton and others unite and take on new assignments, your parents will share a bond that only your little percious perfect souls could bring. Your life will forever be a source of faith in the Lord's plan and the healing power of comfort. always my love

Nancy said...

Sarah, My thoughts and prayers have been with you last few months. What a special baby Jack is - to be with Heavenly Father again. I am so sad for your loss. What a difficult trial.
Love, Nancy

joel and laura michelle said...

we are far in miles but have felt close to you and all of the roger dudley family during this time of trial and faith building experiences. we look forward to meeting your sweet son in heaven as we see your sweet reunion. we love you.

joel & laura mcintyre

Jeannine said...

I know you probably don't know me. I was a traveller at LDS L&D until last week and through the staff there and the blog, I came to follow Jack and your experiences. I have been trying to find the blog since I got back home and finally found it a few minutes ago; just to see what happened. I know words can't help you. But I am praying for you just as I know so many other people are. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful little boy with all of us. God bless all of you! Jeannine

Pamela said...

Querido Darren,
Me emociona saber que tantas personas estuvieron con ustedes durante la ceremonia para celebrar la vida de Jack. Me hubiese gustado estar presente para poder propiamente estrechar tu mano y darle un abrazo a Sarita. Me hace sentir tan humilde y agradecida el haberos acompanado desde que comensaste a contarlos algunos detalles de la vida de tu bello bebe. No se por que aun visito este sitio dia a dia mas si tu tambien vienes aqui y le haces saber a Sara de los comentarios, agrega por favor que mi corazon y oraciones estan con ella. Me cuesta partir. Un abrazo fuerte mi hermano!!

Monica said...

I was informed by Jed of the dear precious events of Jack and his life. I have now spent some time reading through the blog and coming to know Jack.

What an amazingly hard, yet stretching experience for you and Sarah. I was always impressed with your spiritutal strength and positive attitude. Now I see that has sustained you again. Sarah, I have not met you, but I can only imagine what an amazing woman you are to compliment Darren.

May the Lord continue to sustain you both and your families. Thank you for sharing this experience with those who love you, and have come to love Jack. The gospel plan is real, true, merciful, eternal, and beautiful. We are so blessed to have this knowledge to sustain us through the difficult times and allow us to have vision of eternal families.

Monica Murdock
Sea Trek Mate 2001

Andy Thomas said...

Darren & Sarah,

You guys are amazing parents. We think Jack was lucky to have you. We love you guys and we're sorry for your loss.

Andy & Alex Thomas

Audycamp said...

You don't know me, yet I feel I know you & your sweet baby Jack. (I came across your blog through Heather & Mike's.) I just wanted you two to know that you've got the world behind you. Family, friends & even strangers. I cried when I read that baby Jack had passed on. Through your sweet blog, you allowed people like me to feel the precious spirit of your little Jack. It came right through the computer! He must be a pretty awesome guy to have touched the lives of so many. Our prayers are with you, the Campbell's-AZ

Julie S said...

you don't know me. i am a sister-in-law of emily house. she told us about you and your blog, and we have followed it and shed many tears. i even linked to your blog on my blog.

thank you for sharing your family's story. it is a beautiful story. thank you for your strength, faith, and example. how much our heavenly father must love you to send you jack. i am happy for jack that he has "fought the good fight". and we pray for you to have continued peace and comfort.

Jer & Lu said...

Sarah, I can't help but cry for you, but at the same time be amazed at your incredible strength through this heartbreaking journey. Such a special little guy-- comforted to know a joyous reunion with him awaits you!

Bekah, Brad and Nick said...

This is "Aunt Shan. I'm here in Pennsyvlvania visiting our kids.
I want you to know how often I think of you two. I was so touched by the funeral services and the courage that you two exhibit.I felt the Spirit.
Thanks for sharing this time with all of us. We have felt your pain and anguish, but also your immense love andfaith. Jack is so lucky to have you as parents.We love you!
God Bless...Aunt Shan

DanandEmma said...

I came upon your blog as a friend of Heather Hinckley's in NC. I am very touched by sweet Jack's life and all that he accomplished. What an amazing and beautiful little boy! I will be keeping your family in my prayers.

Steve & Emi Edgley said...

We continue to think of you and pray for you.

Luke and Amy Aplington said...

Hi, my name is Amy Aplington. Jenn Pearson is my sister. I just wanted to say that I know your strength has helped Jenn and Justin go through this trial. Thank you. I am sorry to hear about Jack. It's a blessing to know the Plan of Salvation.

Jared Autrey said...

Darren and Sarah,
We're so glad that we could come to the funeral. Jes and I both felt so strengthened being in your presence. You guys are strong and we're really proud to have you guys as such good friends. We both learned a lot from the words spoken at the funeral as well as from the feelings that we received in our hearts. May the Lord bless you as you continue on to the next stages of life.

chattypatra said...


Encontré tu página hoy porque una de tus amigas que dejó un mensaje aquí para ustedes es amiga de una amiga de otra hermana que asiste a mi barrio aquí en Dallas. ¿Confuso, no?

Siento mucho la muerte de tu hijo. Tus palabras son muy hermosas, y permanecerán como un tributo al amor y a los convenios eternos.

Deseaba compartir un poema contigo pero desgraciadamente no lo encuentro en mi computadora ni recuerdo el título.

Yo no tengo la bendición de tener un esposo y, por lo tanto, tampoco la de tener hijos, asi que no pretendo saber cómo se sienten ustedes. Sin embargo, sé lo que es perder a la persona que más he querido en este mundo (mi madre) y verla morir lentamente de demencia y Parkinson's.

La cuidé por tres años, y los últimos 5 meses, cuando ya no podía valerse por sí misma, fueron los peores. El peor sentimiento del mundo es ver sufrir a alguien que amamos y saber que uno no puede tomar su lugar.

Ella no era miembro de la Iglesia, pero Nuestro Padre Celestial me concedió la gracia de hacer la obra por ella en el Templo y recibir un testimonio de que ella lo aceptó. Esto es un consuelo.

Como dice el lema de la Sociedad de Socorro: "El amor nunca deja de ser". Les incluyo el enlace a una página que pienso puede ayudarles.



Megan said...

You probably don't remeber me, but we were in the PICU the same time you were, I just wanted to let you know that we still think of you and your sweet little baby, our prayers are with you.
Hansen Family