Monday, December 10, 2007

October 20, 2007

The day of Jack's funeral was rainy and cold. We were all sad and the heavens knew it. The next several days were beautiful, filled with blue skies and sunshine. Jack was welcomed home by so many people that it seemed like he wanted to introduce everybody. Jack's best friend Luke passed away the day of his funeral and within one month 3 more of his buddies left their families as well. We joke that as soon as we get there he's going to be grounded for taking his friends with him. It has been a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful network of friends who are experiencing similar challenges. We are filled with gratitude for each one of you who has followed us down this slippery road. However, there are always treasures awaiting the traveler that become priceless experiences and memories that are held forever. The beginning of roads such as these are often marked with "dead end;" however, upon returning the signs suddenly read "scenic overlook 2 mi. opposite direction." We often find ourselves somewhere along that path, reliving the moments that have shaped the last few months of our lives. Peace is in our hearts knowing the plan of our Heavenly Father is real. We are grateful for all of our friends and family who have been so kind and supportive. This experience has brought all of us closer together and deepened our commitment to the principles of the gospel. Thank you for all you have done, you were there when we needed you the most.


Jenn said...

It is so good to hear from you guys. We miss you so much, and think it seems a little odd to look back and think of our days at the PICU as the 'good ol' days.' I love your joke about grounding that little mister. There is so much comfort knowing those boys are all together. They must be doing some wonderful things! We appreciated your support, have missed you, and hope that you are having a wonderful holiday season. We love you guys, and we love Baby Jack. Just the other day at a celebration of this season, there was a nativity with little baby dolls set up so they were also looking at Baby Jesus. Emily named one for her, one for her 'little Ian,' and one for Baby Jack. You guys are often thought of and we'll always remember our special heart friends.
the Pearson's

Melissa said...

I am glad that you wrote about jack's funeral. I so wanted to attend, but had a two week old and was still recovering from my cesarian. The flowers on his casket are beautiful. I hope the holidays will be kind to you and your family. We are thinking about you!
Melissa Andrew (mom to Elaine4/20/01 - 4/19/04) & Your friends at Intermountain Healing Hearts

Mike & Rebecca said...

Its nice to hear from you guys, we think of baby Jack all the time and what to wish you a Happy Holiday season and the brightest of things to come in the new year! Thank you for our "HEART CONNECTION" with Baby Jack!

Mike, Rebecca & Brinley Patton
(Intermountain Healing Hearts)

Jared Autrey said...

Darren and Sarah,
Glad to hear things are going well. Have and awesome Christmas! We'll talk soon.

Maranda said...

Wow, you guys are solid rocks! I am still so amazed at your strenth and positive way about you. You are an such an example of how to be. Thank you again for sharing little Jack with us. I miss you Sarah. I hope to see you soon.



Ditto Family said...

Thank you for sharing your tender thoughts about the funeral, what you have learned, your faith, and your hope for the future!

Spencer & Sierra said...

Hey Guys,

Thanks so much for posting pictures of Jack's funeral. Sierra and I are sorry we were not able to make it. To be honest, I was really surprised to see you had added another post. Are you going to continue blogging? If so, just so you guys know, we have a blog too. It's:

You guys are great. I especially liked your comments on how dead ends can become scenic overlooks. That's very insightful and inspiring. You guys are very insightful and inspiring. We love ya,

Spencer and Sierra

Shauntelle~ said...

I was so happy to see you at the hospital a couple of weeks ago. We are missing having everyone around. Thank You for all of the blankets that have been donated to the PICU. Kaidence has the snowman blanket on her bed today. You are in our prayers and we think of you often. Please know that we are wishing you a beautiful Christmas full of peace and love.

With Hope and Love,
Kaidence's Mommy

JT & Lizzie Davis said...

Your little family is so inspiring. I am so grateful for the example you have shared. Thank you for sharing your story and life with us! We longed to be there to support and love you, but we hoped and prayed that you could feel that from us from across the country. We love you,
Lizzie & JT

libertyjed said...

We missed you two at the Nelson family party tonight, and hope you are having a good vacation. We were willing to take our gathering on the road you know...Mexico sounds great this time of year! I guess you'll have to enjoy it for all of us. I saw Jack's sweet ornament on Kent and Janet's tree. What a treasure–the decoration, and more especially, your son. Thank you for sharing the gift of Jack with all of us. He brought a spirit of wonder, hope and awe usually not on my radar until Christmas appears on the calendar. May the Comforter carry you through the season of Christmas, and the season of separation. Wishing you safe and happy travels while you are away, and big presents when you return. Love, Joy and Peace, Jed

Jensam said...

I was glad to read another post from you guys. I admire both of you for your strength. You are still in our thoughts and prayers. Have a merry christmas!
Jenny Heikkila

Phil said...

"Elder Nelson" & Sarah,
Sunny just told us about Jack and your blog. We're so sorry to hear that your son passed away. We truly admire your strength as we've read about the faith you've had during all of these trials. Just wanted you to know that we're thinking about you.
-Phil and Annie Young

Wright Family said...

Darren and Sarah,

You never cease to amaze us. Your faith, your spirit, your ability to look at the bright side of the so trying hand you’ve been dealt. Thank you so much for updating the blog and sharing your faith, humor and general good spirit once again. We think of you guys and baby Jack so often. We hope this finds you well and that you had a beautiful vacation holiday. Take care of each other and know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Bobby & Jen Wright

Summers Camp said...

Sarah, your strength amazes me. You and your little family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
Love, Beth

Pamela said...

Es tan bueno poder verles nuevamente. Neryda y yo estabamos hablando de ti y tu familia mientras cocinabamos y senti un deseo inmenso de sentirme cerca nuevamente. Me alegra tanto, tanto, de saber que estan bien y que tienen familia, apoyo y amor. Ahora que vivo aqui, en Provo, me gustaria un dia poder llevarle flores a Jackie. Les recuerdo en mis oraciones siempre.
Con amor,


MELINDER said...

hey this is melinda adams i am so sorry to hear about your little bundle of joy!!!
i hope that all is well...
love melinda

Deeann said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Thank you for sharing him with the world! He was such a great Prophet and wonderful man. I think about you and Darren often and hope you are doing okay.
Dee Guymon

Janette said...

I was thinking of Jack this morning and just checked in. His sweet spirit touched so many, and I'll carry his memory forever. I cannot seem to think about him without getting the chills and becoming teary eyed. He makes me grateful everyday for the plan of salvation. Thank you so much for sharing his life with us.


Gourley Family said...

Seeing your blog for the first time really brought back a surge of emotion. I think when we toured to PICU, we saw your little angel, because I recognize you and Jack. I think if I remember correctly, I commented that he was chubby and cute, and you said that he was just really swollen. It might not have been you, but you look soo familiar.I would like to say thank-you for the blankets, they were truly made in love! All these angel boys are in heaven serving together. (Our first little girl Lilly too!) It is neat to know that they are not alone. The week Ryker passed away, two other little babies had passed away two days before. You know, it is interesting how I have never formally met you or Luke's Mom, but I worry so about the families of these special babies.Anyway, if you would like to see pictures of our family, we have a blog at:

StakerSensations said...

sarah words can't express what i am feeling as i read through your heart aches for you and my prayers go out to you. You are so strong...when it comes time to step up you truly did... you are amazing mother and your son Jack knows that...Keep on are amazing!