Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 14th

The weekend has treated us rather nicely. Jack has had a really good day. Now we know that Jack really loves the nitric oxide so they decided to leave him on it for a little while longer. It may have been just too much for him yesterday. Jack has had 37 IV's, 4 PICC lines, and a few central lines. In doing all of this the nurses have to be really careful which medicines they give simultaneously through the same lines. Because Jack is so small the lines they put into him are equally as small and if not carefully monitored they can become occluded. Recently one of Jack's PICC lines was not working for this reason and it became unusable. Luckily today they were able to fix the line and now it's working. These are obviously little things, but they make life for Jack and his nurses a lot easier. It is amazing to see how skilled the nurse is who places these lines. We are always so thankful for his work.
Jack has done a great job today. Doctor Hawkins stopped by and took him off one of the diuretics that works on his kidneys but adversely effects his blood pressure. It has proved to be a good move as his blood pressure has increased significantly. Thanks to the blood pressure he is peeing better than he ever has. Between 9 and 10 tonight he hit a record high of 19 cc's. We're prepping him for the redneck games. We hope that the trend continues and we have similar things to say tomorrow night.


Pamela said...

Querida Familia Nelson,
Mi corazon va a vuestros "vecinos" de Mexico que tuvieron que enviar su bebe de vuelta al Padre. Orare tambien por ellos.
Me alegra saber que nuestro amado Jack esta progresando dia a dia aunque sea solo un poquito. Aunque aun no conozco a vuestro bebe, siento desde ya un inmenso amor por el y ruego al Padre dia a dia por su bienestar y el de ustedes.
Este mes de Octubre me hace recordar el tiempo en que Darren sirvio con nosotros...cuanto le amamos y agradecemos! que gran padre tienes Jack!


Roger said...

based on your comments at dinner yesterday, another milestone for Sir Jack will be when Dr Hawkins removes or reduces a medicine, smiles and cracks a joke all during the same visit! we appreciate and pray for Dr Hawkins and his team-- their presence and efforts have truely been one of Sir Jack's miracles

The Houses said...

Thanks for the laughs at church yesterday, Darren. You are something special. So positive and strong, and in the midst of all this you are still yourself.

I guess Jack decided that he wanted to toughen you guys up before he tries out his nursery at home. You two are amazing parents and a great example to all of us. Thanks for all the updates and Jack will remain in our prayers.

Wright Family said...

Glad Jack had a good weekend! Also glad to hear they took him off the diuretic that was causing his blood pressure issues. Hard when you're fighting for the lesser evil with the different meds. Hope Jack continues to get better and better! Bobby & Jen

Nathaniel said...

La Familia Nelson,

I am so happy to hear that little Jack is doing much better. I miss you guys! I will keep checking in with this blog to see how Jack is doing. My love and prayers are with you and all your family.

Thanner Darien

Deeann said...

Happy to hear Jack had a good weekend. I continue to pray for him and his parents. Your strength is an inspiration.

Mike said...

Dr. Hawkins is awesome, I'm glad to hear that Jack continues to improve. Thanks for keeping us up on his recovery.


libertyjed said...

Well, we decided that our Haunted Open House would not be the same without your crew, so we postponed it until next year when your sweet Jack-o-Lantern can make his Halloween debut. Keep on truckin' Jack! Lots of love from the Jefferson Avenue construction zone.


Cameron said...

We are all real proud of you Jack. Keep up the good work. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers and we love you so much.

Ditto Family said...

I've been gone for a few days and haven't been able to check up on Jack's health. I'm glad to hear that he continues to keep everyone humble and full of love. This is a hard road you are being asked to follow. The Lord is with you each day!

Steve & Emi Edgley said...

We are praying for baby Jack tonight... and for your strength and comfort as his parents and family. You have an army of soldiers (many known as well as some unknown, like us blog friends -- and some unseen, of the heavenly hosts) who love this little boy.

emily said...

Matt just emailed us about Baby Jack. There is so much uncertainty in this life but one thing I know for sure- that boy was sent to wonderful loving parents and he is grateful and loves you.

You are in our prayers,
Emily (Sherry)

Ditto Family said...

I just received Matt's email tonight about Baby Jack being sent heaven. Jack was so lucky to receive a body and be able to come to such loving parents. Our family will continue to keep you in our prayers. love, Sara (Sherry) Ditto

The Houses said...

I am so sorry to hear about Jack. He is something special and so are you two. We love you guys and will keep you in our prayers. You both are so sweet and amazing.

Matt, Jeanette and family said...

Our thoughts snd prayers are with you guys. I was trying to explain to Ian why I was so teary eyed tonight, his response was so perfect. "But momma, Jack is with Heavenly Father and Jesus now so we should be happy that he can play there." Out of the mouths of babes. Still, my heart goes out to you. We love you guys and are indebted to little Jack and your family for the lessons your faith and strength have taught us.

Matt, Jeanette and family

Dunn Family said...

I have hardly been able to stop crying tonight and can't imagine how you guys must feel! Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys more than you know! You guys are so much stronger than we could even imagine. Heavenly Father must trust you guys so much since he knew you could get through this hard time. You guys are so strong and have such great faith, thank goodness for eternal families. Let us know if there is anything at all that we can do. We love you guys.

MelanieBrenchley said...

I have just been at a loss for the right thing to say, but I want you to know that I am thinking of you and your family. There are so many people who love you and are praying for you. Sarah, I am so grateful you are my friend. I just love you lots. Jack has been an inspiration to me. What a truly perfect little example of strength and goodness.
Melanie Brenchley

Rachelle said...

Sarah and Darren,

Sorry seems so inadequate but I am so sorry about Baby Jack. What amazing parents you are and how lucky we have all been to catch a glimpse of your faith and strength by way of this blog. Your courage has stengthened so many and I pray that you will feel of our support and prayers and that it will strengthen you and lift you in return. May God bless you and please know you are in my constant thoughts and prayers.

Love, Rachelle

Kristin Nelson said...

Sarah and Darren-
I don't even know what to say other than I am so so sorry. I can only imagine what you guys must be feeling right now. Please know that you have support everywhere and if you need ANYTHING all you have to do is call. Zach and I love you both and are so grateful for your strength and examples in tough times in life. We love you!
-Kristin and Zach

Jean B. Schermerhorn said...

Darren & Sarah

I received the sad news last night from Jack's loving grandmother Janet of his passing. For the last few months we have prayed for Jack's little heart and body to heal and now we will pray for his parent's hearts to heal. He was very blessed to have had you as parents during his short stay here on earth. He was loved so much by so many. We have all been blessed to have known him through the eyes of his parents. You will be in my prayers.

Love Jean

dancekatie said...

I am so sorry to hear about baby Jack. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We all love you guys so much.

Love, Katie & Jackson

Jan said...

Sarah and Darren, The unthinkable has happened. Your beloved Baby Jack has died. Although we all knew Jack’s death was a possibility we wanted our prayers and faith and your blessings to heal him. To not be able to bring Baby Jack home must be heartbreaking. We got to know Baby Jack through your family blog and he tugged at all of our hearts. Jack was born with hurts in his heart and he leaves us all with hurts in our hearts. None bigger than the big hole left in Sarah’s heart with the early death of her Baby Jack which can only be fixed by the eternal opportunity for Sarah to be with Jack again. This loss will always be in your heart. Fortunately, we are so grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ which assures us that Jesus Christ through his atonement has suffered this pain and will assist you in overcoming this unwelcome event. We cry with Sarah and Darren and all who know and love the Dudley’s. We grieve with you and mourn with you and know that all will be well in the eternities but the next little while will really hurt and we cry some more tears.
As we tried to deal today with the reality that Jack has gone on, your blog actually became a source of comfort because that is where we got to know Jack and learned to love his fighting spirit. Those memories are real and lasting through your personal efforts in writing the daily blog. Thank you.
Your role as parents for Baby Jack has been delayed until the eternities. Your family portrait will always have a missing piece during mortality. There is no quick fix for this pain you feel but know that as you may want to be alone in your sorrow, you are never alone. No matter how awful the grief or how bad it hurts as you deal with the loss of Baby Jack, know that we and so many others love you and hug you in our hearts and share your grief.

Tom and Jan and family

The Buckley's said...

Sarah and Darren,
I am so sorry about little Jack but I am sure he is in a happier place. He was so blessed to be sent to you two. You have both been so amazing and such an example to me about how parents should be. We are always praying and thinking about your family. I miss you so much Sarah and I hope you both know we are all here for you for anything!! We love you both! - Kimmy

Brynn said...

Sweet Sarah,
I am so sorry to hear about baby Jack. I will be thinking about you guys. Thank you for letting me have a tiny glimps at how darling your little man is....Brynn Homer

jensam said...

Sarah & Darren:
I'm so sorry to hear about baby Jack. We have become attatched to your family, through your blog. Jack was lucky to have such loving parents. You are both in our prayers every night!
Jenny Heikkila

Janette said...

Oh you guys,

From the very bottom of my heart, I am so truly sorry for your loss. I will be praying that you can feel our Savior's love as he carries all of you through this trial. Families are Forever.

Much love,


Amy said...

Sarah and Darren,
Our hearts are aching for your little family today. We are amazed by how attached we are and the love that we feel for your little Jack even though we never got to meet him in person. He has had such an impact in our lives. We will never for get him. Know that we are praying for you. We love you.
Amy and John B.

libertyjed said...

Oh, Darren and Sarah. I am so sorry to learn of the loss of our little Jack. Though brief, his was a life full of valiant courage and boundless love. Thank you for sharing your amazing boy with all of us. Even without an official nametag, he was an incredible missionary. Our hope and faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ has increased because of him.

Thank you for opening your tender hearts during such a private time. We have been strengthened by your own examples of faithful courage. Our hearts continue to be unified in prayers for peace and healing, and gratitude for the life of Jack.

While in our view (as students still struggling for answers) he may have graduated early from this life, we are all confident that Jack received an "A+" on his test. The smarty! He couldn't have asked for better tutors, than the two of you. Continue to be proud parents of a special, chosen son. He is yours forever. May the Comforter be your constant companion during this time of separation. We sure do love you.