Saturday, October 6, 2007

October 6th

Jack's swelling has continued to decrease over the past few days. His output continues to be consistent and we are able to see more and more of him. It has been days since he has been able to open his eyes and today the puffiness around his eyes subsided just enough for him to peek up at us. It was worth the wait. We are humbled by the manner in which the Lord has touched our family.


libertyjed said...

Wonderful news! I guess Jack has his own version of peek-a-boo. God bless your sweet little family. We sure do love you.

Mary said...

I talked to Jack lastnight. You are sure to see some improvements shortly. He says he is sick of lying there in bed and his rump is getting sore. He also says that he'd like the Motab to do some more jazzy numbers next conference. Last but, not leat he's really looking forward to trick-or-treating in a few weeks.

I'd say that all in all he's a pretty bright kid and I look forward to our future convo's.

Pamela said...

Me alegro tanto!! Que bueno Darren que tu hijito pudo verles. Despues de escuchar la Sesion de la manana de la conferencia, mi corazon se llena de agradecimientos a Nuestro Padre por los pequenos milagros del dia a dia.

Kath said...

That is great news! Those little steps are going to add up to a huge improvement! Hope you both are doing well also.
The Preslars

bernice said...

This poem/song has been going thru my mind the past many days. It was written by Ora Pate Stewart & put to beautiful music. A group that I used to sing with would often sing this beautiful music and it still brings tears to my eyes. I think Jack is saying "I am holding my mommy & daddy's iron rod & I am going to make it!"

Do you know who you are - little child of mine
So precious and dear to me?
Do you know you're a part of a great design
That is vast as eternity?
Can you think for a moment how much depends
On your holding the "Iron Rod"?
Your life is forever - worlds without end
Do you know you're a child of God?

Do you know where you've been little child of mine?
It is hard to recall, I know;
Do you ever remember that Home divine
With the Father who loves you so?
Do you sometimes review how He took your hand
And placed it within my own,
Saying, "Here is a child from Angel-land--
Not a gift, but a precious loan"?

Do you know where you're going, child of mine?
Are your eyes on the road ahead?
Do the spires of His castle gleam and shine
Where the sun grows golden red?
Are you taking enough for your journey, child?
Does your lamp cast a steady glow?
Can you hold your course when the storm is wild?
You will make it, my child, I know!
--Ora Pate Stewart

hkhl said...

We love you, little Jack! Hang in there! Love, your Ohio cousins

Janette said...

That is music to my ears! It sounds like Jack's version of peek-a-boo is more boo than peek .... hopefully that will be reversed from here on out! Congratulations on the miraculously improving condition. I'll be praying that it continues!!!

Wright Family said...

We are so pleased to hear that Jack continues to improve. You all continue to be in our prayers and are constantly on our minds. Bobby & Jen

Ditto Family said...

I can't imagine how you must have felt as Jack looked into your eyes. I am sure it is something you will not soon forget.