Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October 2nd

We feel Jack's little angel Grandma's were with him today. As has been mentioned, Jack's condition has worsened over the past several days. The doctors have been trying everything they can think of to help facilitate his kidney function but to no avail. Nothing has consistently shown that his kidney function is bad enough to cause the resultant lack of urine but it remains a mystery as to what is causing Jack to not respond to the treatment. Due to the immense swelling, it became very difficult to ventilate Jack's lungs this afternoon. Thankfully they were able to get things under control and tonight he has been doing better in that arena and his output has started up again. It is hard to have the ball completely in Jack's court. I suppose these are the moments we all have when we understand a little better what it means to be "sufficiently humble."


Aunt Lulu said...

You all are in my constant prayers, and never far from my thoughts. Grampa Spendlove says he prays for Little Jack every night. And that he has prayed harder in the last month and a half than he has ever before. He sends his love. I know that the angel Grandmas have been on the case too! I love you all!
Aunt Lulu

libertyjed said...

Once and still the skilled gardener's delight
Was picked from a well tended harvest bed
Carried, and cradled, then carefully carved
Revealing a most singular light.

Illuminated, the prized plump shell
Shines a path for hesitant, hopeful steps.
While evening's journey brings its share of tricks,
Morning promises candied regale.

Tomorrow's sun will not long be held back.
The source will gather all light into one.
Til then keep aglow our brave grin bearer
Hold on, shine on, luminous little Jack.

D & S...We are ever praying for your little pumpkin. Love yer guts, Jed

hkhl said...

Your Ohio cousins pray for Jack every day. We wish we were coming home for Conference and could see you and give you hugs. Hope you feel them from afar...xoholly

Kathy and Richard said...

We keep Jack's name on the prayer roll as well as in our prayers. Hang in there!

Street Fam said...

We sure are thinking about you guys. We continue to pray for you and Baby Jack. Hang in there!

-Sunny and fam

Kylee said...

I hope that the prayers of others are lifting you, as your faith has lifted us. The Lord will continue to support you and we pray that you'll feel that love, comfort, and peace that the Savior offers. You are tremendous examples to all of us and we love you and little Jack so much. Please know of our love and concern. Our hearts are filled with prayer always in your behalf. Love you guys, Kylee and Shane

wright family said...

I'm glad to hear that Jack is peeing a little better. I want you guys to know that I contacted my friends and family and asked them to pray for Jack and to have anyone they know of strong faith to pray for him as well. He is such a little fighter and you guys are the best parents he could ever ask for, truly inspirational. Keep your chins up and remember - this too shall pass. Your son is so strong, has been through so much and is so loved. Can't wait until we can check your blog and watch Jack smiling, walking, laughing and growing. Take care Nelsons and know that you are in our constant thoughts and prayers. Love, The Wrights

Mary said...

okay Jack, it's not cute anymore. buck up and get better so your favorite aunt can hug, kiss, and spoil you rotten. you'll like me a lot i promise!

ps: sarah doesn't he know this isn't on our "favorite things about fall" list?

Roger said...

Sir Jack -- today is the day, the Sox start the quest and you will too. Love you!

ps. our Swissy friends in Alpine have added you to the Mt Timp Temple prayroll-- you and your parents have many fans around the world seeking the Lord's will. May you give your mother a bright day.

Janette said...

I put baby Jack's name on the Dallas, TX temple prayer roll today. We're praying that you get your miracle any second now. HUGS!

Nathan said...

We are so sorry to see Jack struggling so much. He is such a sweet baby. When I look at him I see a mature spirit in a tiny body. I know he already loves you so much and is grateful to have you. We love you. Kara

Ditto Family said...

Darren and Sarah-

I just wanted you to know that I just put Jack's name on the Columbia River Temple prayer roll. Our family will keep Jack in our prayers and thoughts. He is so lucky to have parents that love him so much!

love, Sara Ditto (Matt Sherry's sister)

Jenn said...

Seeing the picture in your last post brought me back almost 2 years ago when my daughter had her 1st open heart surgery at 3 days old. I have a picture that is practically identical. I just wanted you to know that I have put Jacks name on the prayer roll in the LA Temple. I am praying for you & your family to have the strength & patience to endure these trials.

BTW - I'm Janette Church (Davis) sister-in-law, so that would be your cousin Lizzie's SIL's SIL.

Robin Skillings said...

Jack and all of the family are in my thoughts and prayers. I am so glad you were able to hold your son and feel his spirit.
(Janet's friend and unit director)