Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday September 11th

Jack told us he wanted you all to be the first to get to see his cool scar. They normally don't stitch the skin but because they had to go back in the second time they had to suture it shut. As a result he will have the full effect of a nifty Halloween scar. I am feeling good about it because we won't have to spend $40 in the Halloween section of Fred Meyer purchasing fake scar materials so uncle Cam can spend 3 hours doing make-up before he goes trick or treating.
Jack has a new room. We are now in bed 8, further away from all of the in and out traffic of bed one. The new room is a little bigger and offers us a view of the construction going on outside. It was a little extra, but we thought we'd splurge. Today Jack got a PICC line put into his arm. (peripherally inserted central catheter) In order to reduce the risk of infection he had the line removed from his neck and they replaced it with one in his arm. It travels up his arm and into some bigger veins by his heart. This is a more permanent solution to an IV, it will be helpful to not have to replace them as often. We were happy that they were able to do it on the first try here at the bed side. He has been doing pretty well the last few days, we are still waiting on his kidneys, however, tonight he is showing marked improvement. We are so happy to know that Jack is in good hands, the nurses are very consistent in their care of him. Jack mostly has all of the same nurses, so every time his nurses work they are assigned to him. This is comforting as they are always up to speed on how he has been doing, his progress, and what he needs specifically. We never feel like we are getting a nurse that doesn't know his condition or the ways in which his care has changed from day to day. It is nice going home at night knowing he is in good hands and can call if we get anxious. We appreciate everything all of you are doing for us, we don't know what we would do without you.


Ada Bowler said...

Wow, I can't believe he is such a trooper! Kudos to his trooper parents, too! Glad things are getting better slowly but surely. You're always in our prayers!

Lindy said...

Sarah and Darrin-

I came across your blog and my heart goes out to you guys. I cannot even imagine what you guys are going through but my thoughts and prayers are with you. It looks like he is in good hands at the hospital and lucky to have you two as parents!!! What a sweet baby boy! Good Luck with everything-

Lindy (Jorgensen) Sorensen

Kristin Nelson said...

Little Jack seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day! Zach and I are glad that he is doing well and you guys seem to be in good spirits too. Hang in there and if you need anything don't hesitate to call.
-Zach and Kristin