Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday September 9th

Jack is still having a hard time getting rid of fluid in his body. They determined today that they needed to replace a chest tube that they had previously removed. We are learning to be patient with the little guy, he definitely sets his own schedule and lets us know that he is the only one in control of his recovery. We knew from the beginning that this would be a long process with lots of ups and downs and we are being forced to actually believe it. His kidneys have taken a beating through the surgery and all of the medication he has been on. All of the tubes that drain the fluid have made them lazy so they don't think they need to do their job. You know you really have arrived when your days consist of staring at a tube, waiting incessantly for the liquid gold to pile up. We count every drop of it. Thanks for all of your love and support.


Janette said...

Hello Jack's family!

I know that you don't know me, but I wanted to congratulate you on your sweet little Jack and his continuing progress!! He's definitely a fighter, and reading his story brought tears to my eyes and put a lump in my throat. These little miracles truly are gifts from heaven.

Having been through surgery with my own baby (a kidney bypass...pale in comparison to what your family is experiencing), you've reminded me of how special they are and I'm so thankful to your family for that! Baby Jack will be in our prayers, and if it's okay, we'll continue to check back on him to see his progress. You have a beautiful family, and Jack's mom looks absolutely amazing for having just given birth!!! God bless you guys!!


Janette (Lizzie Hinckley married my little brother...that's how I found baby Jack)

Street Fam said...

You guys are great examples of faith and courage. Baby Jack is a cute little Ute. Sarah, you look great girl! We continue to pray for your little family. Keep pressing forward.


Jennifer said...

Hey Nelson Family,
I am glad you have this blog set up. It is a great way for me to check in and see how things are going. If you guys need anything we are always here.

The Gainey Family

Lucas Abbott said...

Darren and Sarah,
I hope you guys know how our thoughts and prayers are with you. Jack is beautiful!! "oh boy" Contratulations on the new addition to the Nelson family. I know you are busy right now, but give me a call whenever you get a chance. Lucas And Mandy Abbott

Amy Buff said...

Just found your blog. I hope your little boy keeps up the good fight! He's on the right track with all the Ute Fan stuff! Loves to you guys!

The Houses said...

No pressure, but, Sarah.... how would you feel about a visit from the YW one of these days? Just a quick little pop-in to see you. I can't really imagine what your days consist of and what your schedule is like, but if you are up for it, we would love to see you. Even if just for 10 minutes and we will bring a yummy treat too. Call or text me sometime and give me a time (even a tuesday night, or any other time) or tell me I am high and you want to be left alone. You are so sweet and such a great mama!