Saturday, September 1, 2007

Saturday September 1

Considering all that Jack has endured the past few days, we are so grateful that he is so determined to experience life. Whether we attribute the minor improvements made today to yesterday's surgery or not is yet to be decided, however, Jack's little body seems to be doing more of what the doctors would like to see. His blood pressure continues to be marginally better today although tonight he made sure our blood pressure skyrocketed. He had a little bout with his heart rate jumping up to the 200's. Normally he should stay somewhere near the 160's. This has been something he's experienced before, however, tonight it wasn't quite as momentary. After attempting various remedies they gave him some medicine that immediately broke the pace and put him right back in rhythm at 160 beats per minute. It is hard to believe that someone, somewhere, figured out that this little mixture of chemicals when placed into the heart will have the effect of stopping the heart momentarily and placing it back in its regular pattern. Unavoidably, this little experience also leaves me awed as to the intricacies of our bodies. The specificity wherewith this drug worked is almost incomprehensible, while on the other hand there is still so much that we don't understand. This has made me think of one of my favorite scriptures: Mosiah 4:9. Each new day Jack allows us to capture a slightly greater glimpse into the schedule he has in mind, albeit not exactly what we have planned for him. Consequently we are learning to be patient and allow Jack the time he needs. It reminds me of the all time favorite line given to expectant parents... "you know he's not going to come with an instruction manual."(usually followed by some form of a partially amused smile) I feel confident we prepared for the lack of instruction manual, we just didn't think he would surprise us with this! We are strengthened by the hand of the Lord as he truly has supported us through our trials, our troubles, and our afflictions.


The Houses said...

You are amazing. Seriously amazing! I have just been heartbroken for you and your baby. I know that I would just want to be done and take my baby home but you are being so strong. The young women miss you and are thinking of you all the time. Just praying and hoping that this will all go well and be over soon. Thanks for this great blog so we can stay updated! Great idea.


Roger said...

many thanks for sharing your thoughts and progress reports-- Jack has added one more convert to the blog world. Sir Jack is in our constant prayers. love you

Kristin Nelson said...

You guys are truly amazing!! You, Darren and little Jack are truly inspirational. We are thinking about you often and keeping you all in our prayers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you and little Jack is sure cute! We love you guys!
-Zach and Kristin

Tom said...

Jan asks me every day, how is Sarah’s baby? Every day I bug Roger, how is your grandson doing?? Now with access to your blog, Jan knows and I know and I no longer have to be the unknowing messenger. Thank you for sharing the updates. We hope and pray Jack continues to benefit from the very best medical care and that all will be well soon. Jack’s name goes at the top of my temple prayer list every Friday and it is most comforting to know that our heavenly father knows Jack and cares about him and his loving family. Tom and Jan

Bastians said...

Sorry to hear about Jack's complications but glad to know that things are going in the right direction. We will be crossing our fingers that he will be successfully extubated soon!!