Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 11th

Jack went on a little field trip today to the cath lab. He spent about three hours downstairs while he was being checked out. Yesterday, an echo of his heart showed some pulmonary stenosis. This basically means that his pulmonary artery had narrowed for reasons that are not entirely clear. They were thinking that this could be part of the reason he continues to retain fluid. After inserting dye into his heart his function looked good and they determined that it wasn't really an issue. It was good for them to be able to look at things a little closer now that he is stable enough to withstand it. We are glad that things looked good during the cath procedure, however, it would be nice to understand a little more clearly why his body is behaving this way. Jack will be able to progress as long as his output can be 150 cc's or so more than what goes into him. So far tonight he is about half way there so we are encouraged. This is largely dependent upon his ability to avoid receiving fluids in order to improve his blood pressure. All things considered today has been a good day. He has done a good job peeing and endured his tour of the hospital without much distress. He is a brave little soldier who is doing his very best.


Pamela said...

Hoy estuve pensando en todas las cosas que Jack ha tenido que sufrir y superar y, obviamente, me preguntaba del por que. Se que Nuestro Padre tiene razones que nosotros no alcanzamos a comprender. Pero tambien se que todos los grandes hijos e hijas suyos han tenido que soportar mas que el comun de sus hijos.
Cuando oro por vuestro bebe se me viene a la mente cuanta misericordia Dios tiene por nosotros pues siendo Jack tan chiquitito, tiene el poder de unirnos a todos cada dia y cada noche en oracion.



Michelle said...

Hurray for little Jack! Thank you so much for keeping us updated. I hate to make your mom cry every time we ask her about sweet Jack. By the way Sarah, your mom is such a fun Relief Society President! She's a stand-up comedy act every time she gets up there! Reminds me of your Grandma. :)

Would you mind updating us with Jack's weight in your next post? I'm really curious if he has been able to grow at all in the midst of all his medical problems.

Lots of love, Michelle

Roger said...

Sir Jack has this wewe business down to a cc performance! why is it, the older we get our wewe flows in gallons?? oh Jack, enjoy this time of such simple pleasures!!! and, while you may enjoy these hospital tours (your perfomrance certainly is impressive), your mother prefers you to pull a get-out of jail card ASAP. SOX tonight, Utes tomorrow and Sir Jack is filling up the can, what else can we ever want?? Go Jack Go!

Derek and Mary said...

Hey buddy, get better so me and your Mom can go do more important things like: Gardner Village, lunch, shopping, holiday decoratin, and hair dying. There are things to do little one and we need you totally better to do them! LOVEY YA.

Ann Staples said...

Next time we have the opportunity to visit the wonderful Primary hospital we will request Jack to be our tour guide. He must be gaining lots of knowledge about how things work around there. Lucky for all of you that a place like that is in your backyard. Love reading all the posts. Jack has a great fan club!

Jean B. Schermerhorn said...

Darren & Sarah

I am glad to hear that things are moving along. Even if they are little steps it is all good, after all Jack is just a little guy!! Each day I am always excited to read about his progress. I know that many prayers are offered daily for your beautiful little boy and for you his parents. He is in my prayers every day.

Love Jean

Anonymous said...

Yay, for Jack! Way to survive the first field trip. One of many with the family you are in. I know your aunt Mary is ready to play with you and your Uncle Derek will learn how to old you one day! Keep it up trooper!

Jackson and Natalie Cannon said...

I'm so glad to hear that things are going better with Jack...I know I haven't talked to you forever, but I saw Jessica several weeks ago at Babinski's and she told me what was going on with Jack; I found your blog soon after and have since then been checking in frequently. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I think about your little family every day and that we are praying for you. You are both amazing parents with a very strong little boy-

Natalie (Taylor) Cannon