Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday September 15

Early this morning Jack's bed was changed with a Utah fleece blanket. During rounds, one of the doctors commented on the blanket and said, "I think it's going to take more than that for the Utes to win today." I'm pretty sure we were all thinking that, but man were we wrong. I think it was Jack's help that pulled us through. What a game. I already heard a Cougar fan tell me that UCLA had a hard time with the altitude and that was the difference maker. Excuses, Excuses. 44-6 baby! Incredible. After a lot of discussion we opted not to take Jack. I think we made a good decision. He got to hang out here and sleep. As you can see they removed his sutures today and his chest looks really great. He is still battling an infection that probably originates from one of his many lines that in his body. The PICC line may be the culprit so they thought about removing it, however, they were unsuccessful when they attempted put a line in his leg. They are going to wait and see if the culture grows for a third day tomorrow, that may give them greater determination to replace it. Jack is also still draining a lot of fluid. Often times after a long operation the ducts of the lymphatic system leak the fat found in his food. This fluid is leaking into Jack's chest, and peritoneal cavity which then drains out of his chest tubes. Sometimes the ducts will close up on their own given time, and sometimes the surgeon has to go in and staple them shut and due to the fact that they are hard to see it is often guess work when they go in with the staple gun. The doctors are concerned that Jack is leaking too much of this fluid. Hopefully he will stop leaking the fluid, if not the surgeon will try and seal them when he operates. Just a small peek into the life of Jack. We are so glad that he is such a trooper and is handling this all so well. So well in fact that I bet if you ask him what he thought about this whole experience when he is older, he won't even remember it.


Roger said...

GO JACK! UTES BY 5 +33. what bad day to be ucla blue, coug blue, yank blue.... Sir Jack, keep up the progress -- you are the man!

MelanieBrenchley said...

You guys are amazing. Keep up the positive attitude, since that is something you can control. I am impressed each time I read the updates at what an amazing little guy Jack is. I think we can all learn a lot from him. Your husband is so funny. I am glad you guys are keeping your sense of humor. Thanks for the great example you are. You look darling, and baby Jack is such a sweetheart.

Pamela said...

Me alegra mucho saber que estan tan llenos de animo y disfrutando de los juegos y no solo preocupados del pequenito. Llegue el viernes a American Fork y regreso manana a Vancouver pero mi corazon desea poder conocer a Jack antes de irme. No tendre tiempo asi que te agradezco tanto, tanto por este bloque.

Dios os bendiga,

Michelle said...

Ooh, that's the sort of scar Jack will love showing off to the kids at school! I'm so glad he's making progress but so sorry he has an infection.

Any yes, even as a true-blue BYU fan I had to cheer for the Utes Saturday-- AMAZING!